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SpaceXYZ's Ultra Vacuum Sieving is your gateway to a new era of precision, efficiency and quality in addtive manufacturing. Unlock the potential and explore the benefits of our vacuum sieving revolution.

The process
Powder extraction
Our process starts with the extraction of metal powder from the metal 3D-printer's printing chamber or storage. Our advanced vacuum system expertly suctions the metal powder, ensuring a clean, fast and efficient transfer to the next phase.
Once the powder is extracted, it undergoes a pre-filtration process. This essential step is designed to eliminate any hazardous particles smaller than 10 microns, guaranteeing that only the finest and usable material proceeds further in the process.
Powder storage
The filtered powder is then stored, maintaining its integrity and ensuring swift access for the subsequent step. By keeping the printing chamber clean and ready, we optimize efficiency and reduce downtime.
Automated dosing
Our revolutionary storage container is equipped with an automated dosing system. This automated dosing mechanism precisely measures and dispenses the correct quantity of powder for sieving. This technology not only enhances accuracy, but also streamlines the sieving process.
Vacuum sieving
In this phase, the particles within the desired range are efficiently separated from oversized particles using a controlled pressure differential mechanism. Additionally, an innovative wipe blade system, powdered by air pressure, ensures that the sieve remains unobstructed, preventing clogs in the filter. To maintain the optimal sieving process, our automated dosing system dynamically adjusts the powder delivery rate, allowing the sieve ample time to process the material effectively. This integrated approach guarantees a streamlined, uninterrupted operation, ensuring the highest level of material processing efficiency.
Enhanced filtration
In the concluding stage of our process, we take extra care to ensure the removal of small hazardous particles. An additional cyclone process is employed to guarantee that the final product is entirely free of unwanted contaminants.