SpaceXYZ S-320 closed view
SpaceXYZ S-320 open view
Vacuum sieving for metal printing
Your gateway to unmatched sieving power. Achieve higher capacities, maintain quality, and adapt to your needs seamlessly. Elevate your metal powder management to a new level.
Features and benefits
Suitable for most metal 3D printing systems
Throughput of up to 500 kg/h by 63 μm
Particle size range from 1045150 μm
Precise seperation between particle sizes
Far higher capacity than gravity sieving over full range
Sieving capacity independent of specific alloy density
Hazardous micro particles ( < 1 5 μm) safely removed
Pressure drop monitoring to guarentee efficiency
User-friendly design and interface
Expandable to handle multiple types of metal powders 
while preventing cross-contamination
Product options
Inert closed system
Product weighting
Additional sieving units
Control system
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