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SpaceXYZ's Ultra Vacuum Sieving is your gateway to a new era of precision, efficiency and quality in addtive manufacturing. Unlock the potential and explore the benefits of our vacuum sieving revolution.

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Vacuum sieving for metal printing
With the SpaceXYZ S-series, you will experience unparalleled efficiency in your additive manufacturing process. Our cutting-edge technology ensures your powder is perfectly sieved and ready for immediate use or re-use.
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Optimizing particle size
Accurate particle size control by our advanced vacuum sieve machine plays a crucial role the metal 3D-printing process. If the particles are too large, weak bonds can form between particles, which can affect the structural strength of the final products. On the other hand, particles that are too small can reduce the precision and detail of 3D-printed objects. Our machine effectively filters out unsuitable particles, allowing us to ensure that our products meet strict standards for quality and precision.
Improving operator safety
Developed by experts and users in additive manufacturing, our vacuum sieving machine perfectly understands users' needs. We have focused on simplifying the powder handling process. With our vacuum transport system, powder is effortlessly vacuumed, minimizing skin contact and ensuring ease of use for everyone. Another unique feature is our advanced filtering system, which effectively removes particles of less than 10 microns. These small particles not only pose health risks but can also impact the performance of your 3D-printer.
Maximizing throughput
Due to our innovative and patented vacuum sieve technology, which significantly reduces clogging caused by metal particles in the screen, we can now sieve metal powder much more efficiently, especially in the crucial 10-to-50 micron range. This expansion of our sieving capacity doesn't compromise the quality of the sieving process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation that saves time and cost while enhancing overall quality.
Minimizing waste
Our vacuum sieve technology is designed for efficiency, minimizing waste to a remarkable extent. Unlike other methods that often result in the loss of valuable materials, our system optimizes the use of nearly every particle. This not only translates to material processing; we have taken it a step further with our automatic dosing feature, which monitors the screen’s capacity through pressure differentials. When the screen nears its limit, the dosing is adjusted to maintain optimal sieving, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring that every particle is effectively processed.
No compromise on quality
Our sieve technology not only enhances efficiency, but also upholds the highest standard of quality control. Every material that goes through our system is meticulously screened to ensure it meets the strictest quality standard. By utilizing our patented vacuum sieve technique, we maintain the integrity of your materials, preventing contamination and ensuring consistent, top notch quality in every batch.
Opening up new possibilities
Beyond its pivotal role in boosting capacity and enabling large-scale production, our sieve machine offers an array of advantages. From preventing particle adhesion to reducing waste, our innovative vacuum sieve technology for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) ensures efficiency and quality. This synergy with the objectives of the 3D metal printer industry not only addresses capacity challenges but also enhances overall productivity and product quality, paving the way for new possibilities in additive manufacturing.
November 3, 2023
SpaceXYZ at FormNext 2023

SpaceXYZ will be attending the 2023 FormNext exhibition

October 30, 2023
Successful vacuum sieving test results

The first succesful tests with Metal Powder Vacuum Sieving

September 27, 2023
The first SpaceXYZ S-200

The first big step towards the exciting future of vacuum sieving

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